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Balloons By Gil – The Story Behind My Business Hello, My name is Rugile. I am a Lithuanian mother of two (Gilbertas and Noela) and would like to share my story of how this business got started. 5 years ago, I suffered a tragic loss. My two-year-old son, Gilbertas, passed away. Gilbertas was the light of my life and brought such joy to me. Two of Gilbert’s favorite things were his love of trains and his love of balloons. Every time that Gilbertas saw a balloon, his little face lit up with joy. This past 5 years has been a tremendous struggle for me. I miss Gilbertas so very much and the grief was so profound that I even had physical health issues. One day, I felt the need to go and get a bunch of balloons and helium and start building with balloons.I instantly felt Gilbertas around me. I felt such comfort and connection with my son. It was as if some of the grief lifted and I felt that he was guiding me on how to build with balloons.

Ballons By Gil

I had no experience and did not know what to do, but it was as if he was building it through me. Together we were building these wonderful balloon decorations that could then spread joy and happiness that Gilbertas felt with balloons with other children and families. I chose the name Balloons By Gil because it represented the ending of my name (Rugile) and the beginning of his name (Gilbertas). It was the perfect combination of the two of our names, just like the balloon decorations are a result of the perfection connection that I feel when I am guided by my son to build these balloon sculptures. The logo of the business and on the truck is the silhouette of a real photo of Gilbertas holding a balloon that again allowed me to infuse my son’s presence and memory into the business. So, as you can see, every balloon work of art that is created by us, really is a reuniting of a mother and son to create something special from our love to spread joy and happiness to the rest of the world.

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